Monday, February 16, 2009

How the Stimulus Plan Could Affect You

According to Yahoo:
An examination of how the economic stimulus plan will affect Americans.
The recovery package has tax breaks for families that send a child to college, purchase a new car, buy a first home or make the ones they own more energy efficient.
Millions of workers can expect to see about $13 extra in their weekly paychecks, starting around June, from a new $400 tax credit to be doled out through the rest of the year. Couples would get up to $800. In 2010, the credit would be about $7.70 a week, if it is spread over the entire year.
The $1,000 child tax credit would be extended to more low-income families that don't make enough money to pay income taxes, and poor families with three or more children will get an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit.
Middle-income and wealthy taxpayers will be spared from paying the Alternative Minimum Tax, which was designed 40 years ago to make sure wealthy taxpayers pay at least some tax, but was never indexed for inflation. Congress fixes it each year, usually in the fall.
First-time homebuyers who purchase their homes before Dec. 1 would be eligible for an $8,000 tax credit, and people who buy new cars before the end of the year can write off the sales taxes.
Homeowners who add energy-efficient windows, furnaces and air conditioners can get a tax credit to cover 30 percent of the costs, up to a total of $1,500. College students — or their parents — are eligible for tax credits of up to $2,500 to help pay tuition and related expenses in 2009 and 2010.
Those receiving unemployment benefits this year wouldn't pay any federal income taxes on the first $2,400 they receive.
Something to think about:
You all should read THE MARK OF THE BEAST! It talks about how the government will start one global bank that would eventually lead into socialism. This super entity would have control over all monetary transactions and this would lead us to our last days. It's a really great book

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  1. I hope this all works out, it has a pretty high risk of failure.I guess it all depends on us. I bet yahoo gets a huge tax

    I just pray they don't nationalize the banks like that one senator says we should. That would def. send us into socialism, and no matter how great the idea sounds...It doesnt work. My family immigrated from a socialist republic.

    I support Obama 100% and I know he will do his best to make the right decisions for our nation.

    I hate seeing how so many people are turning on him already. Its a shame. He has such a huge problem to face and the idiot politicians just like to play the blame game. The damn gov't needs to stop playin the blame game and get their stuff together. Its ridiculous already. Congress and the House complained about reading the damn plan in the first place, sayin it was too long to read in such a short period of time...and we vote for these people!!!